Narramissic Construction, LLC
David Beckhusen
Carpenter and Project Manager, Princeton, N.J.


Picture of Work By David

VICTORIAN GAZEBO: The posts of this gazebo were resting on the ground. We jacked it up, poured concrete footings under each post, and installed joists, and flooring. The posts were restored with epoxy filler before setting it down.
Picture of Work By David

RUSTIC GAZEBO: This gazebo is made primarily from salvaged materials. The owner furnished cedar tree trunks to use as posts. The rafters and roof sheathing were salvaged from a colonial house in Hopewell. Only the cedar shingle roof is new.
Picture of Work By David

SHED REBUILD: When a tree fell on it this shed was nearly destroyed. We used winches to make things square and vertical before installing new rafters, roofing, siding, and lattice.

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