Narramissic Construction, LLC
David Beckhusen
Carpenter and Project Manager, Princeton, N.J.

About Us

Attention to craft, familiarity different building styles and techniques, and a devotion to quality are the hallmarks of our business. We make a point of collaborating closely with our clients in planning and performing each job. Referrals from satisfied customers have been the foundation of our business.

We have done a wide variety of work: almost everything from changing locks to building additions. Some of the work pictured here includes renovation of a Victorian porch, restoration of a Victorian gazebo. On the green bungalow, we used salvaged cedar clapboards over a system of newer materials which should give longer life for the paint as well as the clapboards.

Most of our work is done by contract. Materials and specifications are spelled out as clearly as possible. All carpentry work is done by me personally or by a small crew directly under my supervision. Certain tasks are performed by subcontractors: electricians, plumbers, tile setters, roofers etc. They also work directly under our supervision. We also encourage our clients to keep close eye on their ongoing projects.

We try to work closely with clients when choosing materials, weighing the costs and benefits of traditional materials such as pine, cedar, or oak as compared to newer materials such as composites and PVC. The deck and table shown on the back page is made of ipe (pronounced ee-pay), a dense highly rot-resistant wood from South America. Occasionally, we use epoxy to restore rotten wood (such as on the porch columns) rather than completely throwing old things away. This method can often save my clients money as well as preserving the historical integrity of the home.

Working On Fine Homes For 30+ Years
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania